Thursday, December 29, 2005

Today we honor those who work to provide resources in Native languages.

We especially keep Salina Bookshelf in our minds and hearts. I learned today that Salina Bookshelf, publishers of material in Navajo and English language, lost three employees on 7 December unexpectedly in a car accident in northern Arizona. Thank you, megwitch, Salina Bookshelf, for your good work. We stand by you to support and honor your efforts. We're here to help.

Each year I receive a calendar from Mazinai'igan, the free newsletter from the Great Lakes Indian Fish & Wildlife Commission. This year's calendar features an image of ajijaak, crane, acknowledging the crane clan of the Anishininabeg (Ojibwe people). We soon will be leaving manidoo-giizisoons (December), the Little Spirit Moon.

The Winter 2005/2006 issue of Mazinai'igan mentions two new bi-lingual children's books available from the Bay Mills Indian Community (Ojibwe) in Michigan. I'll call the Bay Mills History and Archive Department (906-248-3241 ex. 4148 and 4149) to order my copies of these illustrated children's books.

Mazinai'igan is also a great resource for studying Anishinabemowin, the Anishinabe/Ojibwe language. This issue includes a map with geographic place names in the langage. Here you'll learn that the Misi ziibi (Mississippi River) is the "River spread out all over."