Sunday, April 30, 2006

Dia: "Today and Every Day of the Year!," the Blanton, and rally for Darfur

Today marks the 10th anniversary of El Dia de los Ninos/El Dia de Los Libros. Chi megwitch/muchas gracias a todos! Austin's dia celebration was yesterday at Austin Public Library's St. John's branch community center. I dropped in at the tail end of the event that 1,500 attended.

Austin's abuzz this weekend with the opening of the Blanton Museum of Art. The 24-hour "Extremely Grand Opening" is still underway! I watched the crowd waiting to enter the library last night when I left campus around 8:30 p.m. is blogging the event and the museum's website is

My favorite 15-year-old heads to the state Capitol today to join the rally on Darfur.'s current lead article covers the rallies held today around the country.