Thursday, January 26, 2006

ALA/MW in San Antonio, "Brokeback Mountain," and more ...

This year's ALA's Midwinter meeting was held 80 miles south of us here in Austin. Thanks, iSchool students and friends for your support during the week. I attended 50 events, including many short visits to ALA units, including Divisions and Round Tables, and service on Council. Each ALA meeting or conference is remembered for its issues of concern (e.g., USA Patriot Act reauthorization, 65 percent solution, academic bill of righs) as well as revision of ALA policies (e.g., representation of Round Tables on Council and Divisions on BARC). Among my most memorable experiences was meeting Bill Crowe. I'm grateful for his generosity and kindness as we serve together as ALA Presidential candidates.

Viewing Circle

I drove straight from San Antonio to a movie theater in Austin to finally see "Brokeback Mountain" and immerse myself in the scenery of the western past. What are the strongest human emotions? Like many others involved in oral history, I'm interested in the field of regret psychology. Researchers have found that wistful regret increases over time as we play over "what might have been."