Saturday, January 07, 2006

Introducing the Library Leadership Network

"Helping Libraries Succeed in the 21st Century"

I often hear that LIS programs fail to adequately prepare LIS professionals for positions in administration. Truth be told, I think it's pretty darn difficult to help students acquire the skills and philosophical grounding that will enable them in take entry level jobs. The best we can do is provide them with approaches to sustain them for several years; we bank on the fact that their attributes and acquired information gathering skills will give them the flexibility to continue to learn.

Now, there's a new resource for librarians in leadership positions. In June 2005, Frank Hermes launched the LLN, a new electronic resource with services including writings and discussion (The LLN Commons) and Consulting Services. While some content is available only to subscribers, there's free content as well, including articles on organization development, customer service, disaster planning, and more. I've recently joined the LLN Peer Panel and will be submitting answers to monthly questions.
This month's questions focus on Google.

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