Monday, May 01, 2006

ALA Election Results, a Rally on Immigration, and a Visit to a Public Library Branch

The results of the ALA election were announced today. Congratulations to all who were elected. I'm honored to be elected to serve as ALA President 2007-2008. The first to know were students in the Library Instruction and Information Literacy class. Beth Hallmark, my campaign manager, dropped everything to arrive with balloons and a card. My thanks to the students and others who sent thoughtful notes. I celebrated by walking to the Capitol to join the rally in support of immigrants. I read the signs and heard the chanting of "si se puede" from the crowd and was overwhelmed with the strong hearts and positive messages of "today we march; tomorrow we vote." Si se puede, ALA. We can make a difference, yes we can.

Library Visit #1.
My fifteen-year-old reader and I stopped at one of our local public library branches on the way home. The Old Quarry Branch of the Austin Public Library reopened on Saturday after an 8 month closure for renovations. We browsed the stacks. I looked over the public access computing stations; I spent a year at this library teaching monthly free Internet classes. I picked up a few free copies of "Bon Appetit" and purchased three novels in the book sale.