Saturday, May 19, 2007

Back in the (blog) saddle!

I've taken a lengthy break from the blog and now have recovered a new password and am set to contribute anew!

Lots has happended since 2 March. I'll aim to contribute more frequently, adding brief notes about activities, connections, and lessons learned!

This morning I participated in my first chat on Second Life. I've been on SL since late last fall but have been largely inept in my navigation. Jeremy Kemp at SJSU helped me move from Orientation Island. We hosted a little chat for a half hour and then flew around for a brief visit of noteworthy locations. I had long wanted to visit the ALA Washington Office's site on SL. The facility looks remarkable--and in that way, resembles the actual Washington Office facility.
Everyone was asleep in the SL WO; a full moon was visible through the glass windows.

This afternoon I give the first of two convocation talks to SJSU graduating classes. Our own iSchool convocation is today as well. Congratulations, graduates! Rob Yazzie (Spectrum Scholar; ARL scholar; Honoring Generations scholar) graduates. Elias Tzoc (Ford Foundation Scholar; Honoring Generations Scholar) graduates, along with some other great students--Lisa C., Kyla L., Alison H., Wendy T.

I'll check in again soon!