Thursday, July 20, 2006

Some activities in July

July is quickly flying by and here's a brief overview of work and activities over the past month. First, here's a list of most of the events I attended at ALA/NO. I secured funding to support at least part of the attendance of four of my graduate students and was also accompanied by my sister, Della Nohl.

Thursday 22 June
1. Orientation to Freedom to Read Foundation (FTRF)
2. FTRF Board meeting
3. Spectrum Leadership Institute. (I gave a 1 1/2 hour presentation, "Our Stories Make Us Strong.")
4. Reception: ALA Past Presidents and ALA Staff
5. Joint Conference of Librarians of Color Steering Committee I

Friday, 23 June
1. ALA Executive Board I (audience member)
2. International Relations Round Table Preconference
3. Library Journal Movers & Shakers Lunch
4. Forum on International Library Education
5. OLOS Preconference, "Reaching Out to Serve Older Adults." (I Havave a presentaiton on White House Conference on Aging Recommendations Impacting Services to American Indian Elders)
6. Reception for Library Champions
7. WebJunction Reception
8. Many Voices, One Nation event.
9. LRoy'S President-Elect Reception

Saturday, 24 June
1. Breakfast with ALA Chapter Leaders
2. White House Office Update Session
3. RUSA Publications Committee
4. Program on evaluating distance education LIS programs
5. Staffing SRRT booth
6. Poster session: Honoring Generations (with Sandy Littletree)
7. Council Committee on Education
8. Education Assembly
9. ALA Opening General Session
10. Scholarship Bash

Sunday, 25 June
1. Meeting with International Relations Round Table
2. Meeting with Library History Round Table
3. Meeitng with Council Committee on Rural, Native & Tribal Libraries
4. Coucil/Exec Board/Membership Info Session
5. ALA-APA Info Session
6. Co-Presenter at AILA program, "I Don't Know Any Indians."
7. ALA Council I
8. Poster Session: Bridge to TexShare for Rural/Small Public Libraries (with Sandy Littletree)
9. Bok Cart Drill Team World Championship (judge)
10. "Form Outreach to Equity" Program.
11. "Committee on the Status of Women in Librarianship at 30 years" Program
12. AILA Business Meetign
13. Exhibits: touring
14. ALA President's Program Reception
15. CALA Awards Banquet
16. REFORMA Fundraiser

Monday, 26 June
1. Joint Conference of Librarians of Color All Volunteers Meeting
2. Joint Conference of Librairans of Color Steering Cmmittee II
3. Dia de los Ninos/Dia de los Libros meeting
4. Meeting about "The Electronic Library" special issue about the Joint Conference of Librarians of Color"
5. Joint Conference of Librarians of Color Fundraiser
6. LeROy C. Merritt Humanitarian Fund Reception & Fundraiser
7. International Children's Digital Library meeting
8. Printz Program
9. ALAPlayers reception/social event

Tuesday, 17 June
1. Conference final speaker (Cokie Roberts)
2. ALA Council II
3. Staffing Joint Conference of Librarians of Color Booth
4. Awards Reception
5. Inaugural Banquet
6. Reception for Leslie Burger

Wednesday, 18 June
1.ALA Council III
2. ALA Exec Board III