Saturday, June 17, 2006

Megwitch, TLA/ALA Student Chapter! Let's hear it for WGBH-Boston!

Megwitch, School of Information TLA/ALA Student chapter! Students hosted an ice-cream social for me on Thursday, 15 June. Thank you for this great send-off to ALA in New Orleans. I appreciate your support and offers to continue the help you've given me over the past 6 months.

This past week I was in Boston visiting with staff at WBGH and learning more about the terrific programming that they develop. Their American Indian Head Start `Between the Lions' initiative is showing real results in helping promote early reading. Thanks, WBGH, for providing television viewers with wonderful options in programs for adults, children, and youth. My family, like many of yours, has grown up with programs such as Nova and American Experience.

A highlight today was having lunch with iSchool alumna, Christine Pouncey, fresh from her Tall Texans leadership institute. Tall Texans is an invigorating experience that draws from among the best librarians in the area. Tall Texans alum proudly wear their silver boot pins at TLA annual conferences.

Last night our friends, Ken Barker and Johanne Morin hosted a party to celebrate the arrival of their green cards. Congratulations, Ken and Johanne. You'll find some images of Johanne's recent art works at