Sunday, July 29, 2007

Activities, 23-29 July 2007


I. Communication:

A. Telephone chats with chairs of committees; five more completed, scheduling others.

B. Sending brief updates to blog (url in signature banner, below)
Note: we have 4 blogs, 3 of which are devoted to our major task forces:

II. Media: Thank you to the Presidents of ALTA (Don Roalkvam) and PLA (Jan Sanders) for helping me in my preparation for the following media interviews.

Completed interviews with:

A. 23 July 2007. GENETics (Genetics Society of America newsletter). (topic: ISI impact factor, criteria used in serials evaluation, role of academic library subject specialists)
B. 25 July 2007. Chicago Tribune. (topic: library trustees and security badges)
C. 27 July 2007. Library Journal. (topic: impact of illegal immigration laws on libraries)
D. 27 July 2007. Newsweek. (topic: positive reception of new Harry Potter title by religious community)
E. 27 July 2007. The Washington Examiner (topic: public library collections and "book store" influence)
F. 27 July 2007. The Tampa Tribune (topic: public library policies on public access computing)

Selected media coverage:
A. "The Future of Library Science," Insider Higher Education, Podcast, 24 July 2007.

Special honor:
A. The Senate of The State of Texas. Senate Proclamation No. 127. Available in "News" section at Reported on Newswatch Native America:

III. Meetings:
A. 23 July 2007: Workplace Wellness Taskforce conference call
B. 24 July 2007: Supporting LIS Education Through Practice: Capstone database project meeting
C. 25 July 2007: Call with WGBH-Boston about "We Shall Remain" PBS series
D. 25 July 2007: meeting with iSchool master's student on summer independent studies
E. 27 July 2007: meeting with colleague about the "Gathering of Readers" event for Circle of Literacy

IV. Upcoming Travel:
A. 2-5 August: 6th National Conference of African American Librarians, Fort Worth

V. Writing:
A. Preparing paper on traditional knowledge for IFLA
B. Preparing final evaluation report for the 2006 Joint Conference of Librarians of Color
C. Preparing abstracts and papers for upcoming presentations

VI. For Fun!

A. Millwood Branch of Austin Public Library, 10th anniversary party. Live band: Jolly Garogers, a pirate band. Aarrgghh, maties!

Summary of Presidential Initiatives:

1. Workplace Wellness2. Circle of Literacy3. Supporting LIS Education Through Practice

1. National Library Camp2. Meeting Effectiveness Training3. Oral History project of retired/retiring librarians