Sunday, July 22, 2007

Here's just a brief update on selected activities over the past week.



16-22 July

I. Communication:
A. Telephone chats with chairs of committees; one more completed, scheduling others.
B. Sending brief updates to blog (url in signature banner,
Note: we have 4 blogs, 3 of which are devoted to our major task forces:

II. Media:

Attended a media day in Washington, DC, 18 July 2007. Thank you Macey Morales, Andy Bridges, and Rochelle Lefkowitz for making the arrangements for media day. Thanks to numerous colleagues for helping me prepare for media interviews: Presidents of AASL (Sara Johns), ALSC (Jane Marino), YALSA (Paula Brehm-Heeger), and PLA (Jan Sanders), along with librarians (including many former students) working in Texas, California, Washington, and New Jersey.

Completed interviews with:

A. 16 July 2007. Hosted one-hour national radio call-in program, Native
America Calling. (topic: “Native in the Spotlight” for July)
B. 16 July 2007. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. (topic: classics; literary canon)
C. 16 July 2007. Waco Tribune-Herald. (topic: public library fines)
D. 18 July 2007. Indian Country Today. (topic: biography; ALA Presidential plans)
E. 18 July 2007. Inside Higher Education: podcast. (topic: LIS education)
F. 18 July 2007. WAMU’s Morning Edition. (topic: library trends)
G. 18 July 2007. NPR, “Tell Me More.” (topic: multicultural children’s books)
H. 19 July 2007. Real Simple Magazine. (topic: how can patrons make the work lives
of librarians easier!)
I. 19 July 2007. El Dorado News Times. (topic: libraries coping with new

Selected media coverage:
Anna T. Hirsh, “Book it for the Summer,” Healthy Living: Mind Body Soul column, Greenbay Press Gazette, 15 July 2007.
Available at:
B. Anna T. Hirsh, “Book it for the Summer,” Body & More column, Cecil Whig, 15
July 2007. Available at:
Michel Martin, “Tell Me More,” (NPR), “Multicultural Books Offer Diverse
Reading Experience,”
“Loriene Roy – Interview on the Future of Libraries,” posted on Stephen Abram’s Blog, “Stephen’s Lighthouse,” at
Long, Levi, “Local Fans Share Their Love for Harry Potter Series,” Arizona Daily Star, 15 July 2007. Available at:

III. Meetings:
A. 16 July 2007. Monthly Executive Board monthly conference call.
B. 17 July 2007. Reading is Fundamental, DC. Support for reading.
C. 17 July 2007. REFORMA President, Mr. Mario Ascencio
D. 18 July 2007. Producer, The Diane Rehm Show.
E. 18 July 2007. WGBH-NMAI: planning for “We Shall Remain” PBS television
F. 18 July 2007. Chronicle of Higher Education
G. With iSchool doctoral student on progress of his protoproposal paper
H. With iSchool master’s student on summer independent studies project on developing a planning document for future international indigenous librarians forums.
I. With iSchool master’s student and Dr. Dale Lipschultz on literacy project

IV. Upcoming Travel:

A. 2-5 August: 6th National Conference of African American Librarians, Fort Worth

V. Writing:

A. Preparing paper on traditional knowledge for IFLA
Preparing final evaluation report for the 2006 Joint Conference of Librarians of Color
Revising program proposal for 2008 Public Library Association conference
D. Preparing abstracts for upcoming presentations

VI. For Fun!
20 June 2007: Stopped by local independent bookstore, Book People, as they prepared for a Harry Potter party.
20 June 2007: Attended local production of Martin McDonagh’s play, “A Skull in Connemara.” Great lead actors, especially Sam Kokajko as Mairtin Hanlon.
21 June 2007: Took another quick peek at “The American Twenties” exhibition in the Ransom Center Galleries at the University of Texas at Austin. Check out the website at

Summary of Presidential Initiatives:

1. Workplace Wellness
2. Circle of Literacy
3. Supporting LIS Education Through Practice


1. National Library Camp
2. Meeting Effectiveness Training
3. Oral History project of retired/retiring librarians