Sunday, August 05, 2007

30 July – 5 August

I. Communication:
A. Telephone chats with chairs of committees; one more completed, scheduling others.
B. Sending brief updates to blog (url in signature banner,
Note: we have 4 blogs, 3 of which are devoted to our major task forces:

II. Media:
Thank you, members of OLOS Subcommittee on Library Services on Bookmobiles and Jennifer Petersen at ALA for helping me prepare for interviews!

Completed interviews with:
A. 30 July 2007: New York Times. (topic: ‘new’ public library—services and architecture)
B. 30 July 2007: Austin American Statesman (topic: Harry Potter read-alikes)
C. 31 July 2007: Anniston Star, Alabama (topic: bookmobiles)
D. 1 August 2007: Christian Science Monitor (topic: summer reading lists for teens,
college freshmen)
E. 3 August 2007: The Monitor (Texas) (Topic: outsourcing public library management)
F. 3 August 2007: Diversity Issues in Higher Education (topic: biography; literacy in American Indian communities)

Selected media coverage:
A. 30 July 2007: Guest on “Native Horizons Radio Hour,” weekly radio program
aired on KOOP 97.1 FM, community radio station in Austin, Texas.
B. Advisory board membership now noted on “We Shall Remain” website, hosted by
WGBH-Boston, at
C. Reynolds, Jerry, “Loriene Roy Elected President of American Library
Association,” Indian Country Today, 1 August 2007, available at Accessed on 1 August 2007.
D. “Ojibwe is Chief Librarian: ALA Inaugurates its First American Indian President,”
Newspaper Rock: Where Native American Meets Pop Culture,”
E. McCartney, Anthony, “Time’s Up: Libraries to Limit Patrons’ Computer Usage,” The Tampa Tribune, 30 July 2007. Available at:
F. Myers, Bill, “Library Patrons Indignant at Southeast Library’s Lack of Classic
Titles,” The Washington Examiner, 2 August 2007. Available at:
G. Culp, Cindy V., “Overdue Library Materials Sparking Online Shutdowns,”, 28 July 2007. Available at:

III. Publications:
A. “President’s Message: A Celebration of Culture,” American Libraries 38 (7) (August
2007): 6.
B. “General Session Keynote Address: Welcome to my 2007-2008 ALA Presidential Year!
Celebrating Community, Collaboration, and Culture, “ Tennessee Libraries 57 (1). Available at Accessed on 5 August 2007.

IV. Presentations:
A. (Co-Presenter) “BCALA President’s Program,” 6th National Conference of African American
Librarians, Fort Worth, Texas. (August 4, 2007).

III. Meetings:
A. Meeting to provide information on the Forum Universal de las Culturas Monterrey 2007, Austin (Texas) City Hall.
B. 6th National Conference of African American Librarians, 2-5 August, Fort Worth.

IV. Upcoming Travel:

V. Writing:
A. Preparing paper on traditional knowledge for IFLA
Preparing final evaluation report for the 2006 Joint Conference of Librarians of Color
Drafted 3rd column for “American Libraries”
Submitted monthly contribution to the “Library Leadership Network”

VI. For Fun! (education and networking)
Events at the 6th National Conference of African American Librarians:
A. Awards & Legacy Luncheon, 3 August 2007.
B. Rhythm of the Heartbeat! Welcome Reception, 3 August 2007.
C. Authors’ Luncheon, 4 August 2007.
D. A Night in the Stockyards-President’s Banquet, 4 August 2007.
E. Closing Brunch with a Few Good People, 5 August 2007.

Summary of Presidential Initiatives:

1. Workplace Wellness
2. Circle of Literacy
3. Supporting LIS Education Through Practice


1. National Library Camp
2. Meeting Effectiveness Training
3. Oral History project of retired/retiring librarians