Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Subject: LRoy: recent activities to 28 Sept 2007

Hello, Council,

Here's just a brief update on selected activities over the past week or so. I think that the piece on Banned Books Week for the NPR Program, "Tell Me More," will air on Tuesday, 2 October. Alex Hershey will put a link to the podcast on the Prez website.

Cheers,Loriene Roy
I. Communication: Interviews
A. 24 Sept: That Other Paper (Austin, Texas) (Topic: Banned Books Week)
B. 24 Sept: Commercial Appeal (Tennessee) (Topic: Banned Books Week)
C. 24 Sept: The Daphne Bulletin (Alabama) (Topic: Banned Books Week)
D. 25 Sept: Rehearsal Interview: NPR, "Tell Me More" (Topic: Banned Books Week)
E. 26 Sept: NPR, "Tell Me More," (Topic: Banned Books Week)
F. 25 Sept: AP (Topic: Outsourcing Public Library Management

II. Media Placements:
A. Oder, Norman, "ALA President Criticizes Bureau of Prisons, Just Before Policy Change Regarding Removal of Religion Books," Library Journal 27 September 2007 [online and print versions]

III. Presentations:
A. 26 Sept.: (Co-Presenter) Public Meeting on DTV, Department of Commerce, Washington, D.C.
B. 27 Sept.: "Working in a Feminized Profession: How Others See Us, How We See Ourselves,"Gender Week, SUNY-Buffalo.
C. 29 Sept.: Banned Books Week Read Out!, Chicago

IV. Publications:

A. Press Release: "American Library Association President Loriene Roy Releases Statement on Removal of Religious Texts from Prison Libraries, ala.org, 24 September 2007.

V. Meetings and visits:
A. 25 Sept: Staff, National Museum of the American Indian
B. 26 Sept: Reading is Fundamental
C. 26 Sept: Students, University of Buffalo, Department of Library and Information Studies
D. 27 Sept: Gravesite, Red Jacket, Buffalo, New York
E. 27 Sept: P.S. 19, Native American Magnet School, Buffalo, New York, including visit to school library
F. 27 Sept: Music Library, University of Buffalo Libraries (brief visit)
G. 27 Sept: Social Sciences collection, University of Buffalo Libraries (brief visit)
H. 27 Sept: University of Buffalo, Department of Library and Information Studies
I. 28 Sept: Buffalo Public Library, Main Branch. Thank you: Mary Jean Jakubowski
J. 28 Sept: Bureau of Indian Affairs, Office of Indian Education Programs
K. 28 Sept: National Book Festival Reception, Performance, and Dinner, Washington, D.C.

VI. Upcoming Travel:

A. 3-6 October: Idaho Library Association annual fall conference, "Get Groovy@Your Library: Books, Blogs & 2.0."

B. 9-11 October: Illinois Library Association Annual Conference

C. 11-12 October: Iowa Library Association Annual Conference, "Iowa Libraries: Cultivating the Future."

VII. For Fun:

A. 27 Sept: Animal Outfitters, Inc., 264 Bryant Street, Buffalo, NY
B. 27 Sept: Niagara Falls (American side) Thank you, Dr. Lorna Peterson and Susana Tejada

VIII. Fall 2008 "Public Libraries" graduate class, Mondays, 9 a.m. to noon. Topics for this week included public library mission(s), standards, planning documents, organizational structures. Review of upcoming assignments, including public library issues panels. Student mini-reports on public library histories.