Sunday, December 02, 2007

Hello, Council,
Here's just a brief update on selected activities over the past two weeks.
Cheers,Loriene Roy
I. Communication: Interviews
A. 21 Nov: Detroit Free Press (unique items in public library collections)
B. 29 Nov: Cincinatti Inquirer (library design and design trends)
C. 30 Nov: ALA Washington Office podcast taping for DTV Awareness week.

II. Media Coverage
A. Stenis, Paul, "Meet Your iSchool Faculty: An Interview with Dr. Loriene Roy," The SASI Librarian: The Student Association of The School of Information 1 (2) (November 2007): 6.
B. "In These Times Magazine," Privatization and outsourcing, available at:
C. Davenport, Elaine, "Listening Librarians: News and Ideas for Librarians and Teachers," AudioFile 16 (4) (December 2007/January 2008): 66. [featuring Loriene Roy as an audio listener]

III. Presentations
A. 25 November 2007: [assisted] "Workshop for AMBAC: ALA and
Strategic Planning," Guadalajara. Speakers: Delin Guerra and Michael Dowling
B. 25 November 2007: Greetings, ALA Orientation at the Guadalajara Book Fair.
C. 25 November 2007: Greetings, Gala Dinner, Guadalajara Book Fair

IV. Meetings and visits

A. 19 November 2007: lunch with Patrick Macklem, William C. Graham Chair Facultyof Law University of Toronto (specialist: constitutional rights; indigenous people's rights;
B. 19 November 2007: ALA Executive Board Conference Call
C. 20 November 2007: Conference call,WGBH-Boston, summer 2008 ALA President's Program
D. 20 November 2007: part of presentation by Ann Seidl, "Hollywood Librarian."
E. 20 November 2007: meeting with marketing staff at Lance Armstrong Foundation
F. 24-26 November 2007: FIL, Feria del Libros, Guadalajara, Mexico
1. 24-26 November: ALA booth [brief assistance]
2. 24-26 November: toured, book exhibits, FIL
3. 26 November: observed Boston Public Library team, led by Rubi Simon
G. 29 November 2007: "Stepping Up" IMLS grant fall symposium," Lead from Where You Are." Speaker: Dr. Tommy Darwin, School School/Division of Diversity and Community Engagement
H. 29 November 2007: Meeting with student liaison to Gathering of Readers site.
I. 29 November 2007: Blanton Museum of Art, UT-Austin, Docent Tour of new
Exhibit ("Mike's World")
J. 29 November 2007: Meeting about National Oral History Program
K. 30 November 2007: Presentations by PhD students in Doctoral Research Seminar
L. 30 November 2007: Meeting with webmaster, Workplace Wellness Initiative

V. Upcoming Travel:
8 Dec: Commencement speaker, School of Information, The University of Texas at Austin
12-13 Dec: Alabama-Coushatta Tribal Library Visit
14-21 Dec: CALA Seminar in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China

VI. For Fun
1. 24 November: Dinner with librarians at FIL, Guadalajara
2. 29 November: Party, Austin, Texas. Special Guests: Keith Michael Fiels, ALA Executive Director

VII. Fall 2007 "Public Libraries" graduate class, Mondays, 9 a.m. to noon. Topics for the week: federal/state involvement with public libraries, library systems, innovations in architecture, review of grant writing assignment. A. Arro Smith, doctoral student, directed the class on 26 November. Topics included examples of public library marketing and public library architecture, plus time to work on grant writing assignment.