Sunday, December 09, 2007

Hello, Council,

Here’s just a brief update on selected activities over the past week. I will submit my next report in several weeks.

Loriene Roy


I. Communication: Interviews

II. Media Coverage
5 December: Boston Parents’ Paper (topic: role of parents in promoting reading). Thank you: Paula Brehm-Heeger and Jane Marino for your input.
5 December: Dallas Morning News (topic: new public library services)

III. Presentations:
A. 8 December: Commencement speaker, School of Information, The
University of Texas at Austin, “Still Learning, Collaborating, and
Celebrating Culture”

IV. Writing/Publications
A. Evaluation report: Alabama-Coushatta Tribal Library, IMLS Basic Grant
B. December contribution: Library Leadership Network

V. Meetings and visits:
1. 3 December: Transforming Texas Libraries summit speakers (Joan Frye Williams and George Needham)
2. 3 December: ALA Executive Committee monthly conference call
3. 3 December: Transforming Texas Libraries summit small group work
4. 3 December: “Bring Libraries to the Decision-Making Table (speaker: Kathleen de la Pena McCook)
5. 4 December: Transforming Texas Libraries summit: small group work
6. 4 December: Transforming Texas Libraries summer: large group reporting and summary
7. 4 December “Internet Studies” (Speaker: Dr. William Aspray)
8. 5 December; Breakfast with Hemant Wadhwani on green initiatives and tribal school connections
9. 6 and 8 December: calls with two Chairs of ALA Committees
10. 6 December: conference call on OP ed for ALA/MW
11. 7 December: meeting with PhD student, Joe Sanchez, on ALA/MW Education Forum
12. 7 December: Attended two graduate student presentations related to ‘The Project in Interpreting the Texas Past.” Student presentations were for online exhibits planned for The George Washington Carver Museum and Cultural Center:
A. Arro Smith, PhD student, School of Information: “The Business of Burying the Dead in Early East Austin.”
B. Lauren Goodley, MSIS student, School of Information: “The St. John Orphanage and Industrial Institution”
13. 7 December: Conference call with iSchool student, Kit Pilgrim, and YALSA President, Paula Brehm-Heeger on independent studies options
14. 7 December: Fall 2007 iSchool Capstone Poster Sessions. I supervised Janice Kowemy (“Continuing the Journey of Knowledge and Traditions at the Laguna Public Library”) and Sophronia Bruno (“The American Dream Starts@ Your Library”)

VI. Upcoming Travel:
12-13 December: Alabama-Coushatta Tribal Library Visit
14-21 December: CALA Seminar in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China

VII. For Fun
1. 2 December: Aloha McCallum! McCallum (High School) Family Auction & Dinner. [I submitted winning bids for swimming lessons and one-hour concert by Senior Classical Guitar Quintet]
2. 4 December: Holiday/Hanukkah Party with UT-Austin faculty
3. 6 December: Holiday party for UT-Austin College of Liberal Arts
4. 6 December: Dinner with Sophie Bruno, graduating student, and parents
5. 7 December: Dinner with iSchool graduate
6. For fans of youth classical guitar performance, see:
A. “The Austin Classical Guitar Society puts guitars in the hands of eager teenagers.” Students from McCallum's Fine Arts Academy will show off what they've learned this weekend. See the tall young man on the left portion of the video!
[ ]

VIII. Fall 2007 “Public Libraries” graduate class, Mondays, 9 a.m. to noon. Topics for the week: review of grant assignment, review of reflective essay on oral history project, public library futures assignment. Grant applications due by 7 December. Oral history papers due by 12 December.

Fall 2008 classes: Monday morning (9-12): Information Resources and Services in the Humanities; Monday night (6-9): Public Libraries