Saturday, June 30, 2007

130 years ago today: Dewy turned over his library supplies business to ALA.
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We're still recovering from a very busy ALA Annual conference. A number of writing deadlines loom. Today I finished the hard draft of a paper I will deliver at an IFLA satellite conference in Pretoria, South Africa this August. I've also prepared the set of PowerPoint slides to accompany this paper. I also revised a book chapter for an international handbook of education and I am starting to write my second ALA Presidential columns. Columns are due 2 months before publication, so I am writing the September 2007 column.

Meanwhile, I will start posting some other announcements. Today the posting is a reminder to notify your international colleagues about the annual Access to Learning Award.

From Carol Priestley, Director, Network for Information & Digital Access (NIDA)

The 2008 brochures (in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish) andapplication form (in English only) now available.
We are in the process of sending printed and email copies of the brochure to everyone in our own network. We shallalso post to relevant listserves known to us. We should like to use your knowledge and experience to add to thespread of the dissemination.