Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Capstone presentations: Students in School Librarianship Summer Practica

Yesterday students completing their practica in school libraries over the first summer session gave their presentations. You'll find their projects listed, below and will see a strong interest in providing instruction on the use of the statewide databases.

Presentation 1:
"Destination Databases: Increasing Teacher Use of Databases," Student: Emily DeJong,Westwood HS, Round Rock ISD. Emily has a librarian position in the fall.

Presentation 2:
"Genrefication of Fiction Collection," student: Rachel Roe, Stony Point HS, Round Rock ISD.Rachel has a librarian position in the fall.

Presentation 3:
"Miss, What's a Database?," Student: Emily Arnold, Travis HS, Austin ISD. Emily will becompleting her MSIS course work in the fall.

Presentation 4:
"Once Upon A Time--Together at Lanier HS for Teen Parents and Their Children," Student: Emily Chapman, Austin ISD. Emily will work as a Kindergarten teacher for one more year before taking a librarian position.

Presentation 5:
"The Library: Making Google Obsolete, Jennifer Hardin, Lamar Middle School,Austin ISD. Jennifer will be a librarian in the fall.

Students are on target with their programs of studies, completing their degrees, receiving their required classroom teaching positions, and finding employment as school librarians!