Sunday, July 15, 2007

Here's just a copy of an outline that I sent to ALA Council.

Summary of Activities, 5-15 July

I. Communication:
A. Completed another phone call with a second in-coming ALA Committee. Scheduling others.
B. Sending brief updates to blog (url in signature banner,

II. Media:

Working with Macey Morales and Jennifer Petersen at ALA's
Public Information Office to respond to media requests. Thank you, Presidents of AASL (Sara Johns), ALSC (Jane Marino), and YALSA (Paula Brehm-Heeger) and colleagues, Drs. Barbara Immroth and Bill Lukenbill.

Completed interviews with:

5 July 2007: Revolution Health (topic: family reading and post-Harry Potter)
6 July 2007: Content That Works syndicate (topic: impact of summer reading programs)
9 July 2007: St. Paul Pioneer Press (topic: Harry Potter)
10 July 2007: Business New Haven (topic: librarianship as a trendy field)
10 July 2007: Seattle Post Intelligencer (topic: Harry Potter and the series impact on family reading habits)
12 July 2007: Arizona Daily Star (Tucson) (topic: Harry Potter)
12 July 2207: Arizona Republic (Phoenix) (topic: Harry Potter)
12 July 2007: Ventura County Star (topic: the phenomenon/culture of Harry Potter)
12 July 2007: Tampa newspaper. (topic: teen library services)
13 July 2007: pre-interview with NPR program, “Tell Me More” (topic: multicultural children’s literature)

Selected media coverage:
A. “White Earth Enrollee First American Indian President of the American Library Association,” Anishinaabeg Today: A Chronicle of the White Earth Band of Ojibwe, 20 June 2007: 4.

A. LRoy will host a national radio call-in program, Native
America Calling, on Monday, 16 July, noon to 1 p.m. Central Time, 11 a.m. Mountain Daylight time, 1 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time. You can find a listing of broadcast stations at You can also listen to a livestream off of the NAC website. Topic: “Native in the Spotlight”
B. 18 July, 11 a.m. ET. Inside Higher Education: podcast. (topic: LIS education)
C. 18 July, noon ET. Taping: NPR interview for “Tell Me More” (topic: multicultural education)

V. Meetings:

A. With iSchool summer independent studies student working on prototype website for workplace wellness
B. With Corazon de Tejas representative on workplace wellness model project
C. Attended selected meetings of the Texas Library Association Annual Assembly, Austin, 9-10 July 2007
D. Attended surprise party for Pat Smith, celebrating her 20th year serving as Executive Director of the Texas Library Association, 10 July 2007
E. Supervising three iSchool master students’ summer independent studies (workplace wellness website, strategic planning for the international indigenous librarians forum, library board effectiveness)
F. Attended graduation social event for three PhD students in Computer Science
G. Attended 2007 Trejo Foster Foundation Institute, Tucson, 13-14 July
H. Visited TOCA, Tohono O’odham Community Action in Sells, Arizona and viewed media about traditional foods project. 11 July 2007
I. Tohono O’odham Community College. Thank you for the lovely traditional feast in my honor, especially for the tribal blessing in O’odham language and the traditional foods (including cholla buds, tepary beans, and saquaro cactus syrup). Visited the tribal college library with librarian Elaine Cubbins.
J. Visited the Venito Garcia Library, the public library for the Tohono O’odham community, and the tribal special collections. Megwitch, thank you, David Shaul, Dena Thomas and other library staff. Megwitch, especially, for the Beginning O’odham language CDs!
K. Visited staff and the library of the Arizona State Museum, Tucson.
L. Lunch with students, staff, faculty, alums of the U of Arizona’s School of Information Resources and Library Science. Megwitch, thanks, for the “SIRLS gone wild” t-shirt! 12 July 2007. Chi megwitch, thank you very much, Director Jana Bradley.
M. Toured: multicultural children’s literature teaching and research collection, U of Arizona, College of Education. Megwitch, thank you, Dr. Kathy Short. 12 July 2007
N. Toured the Joel D. Valdez Main Library of the Pima County Public Library system. Megwitch, thank you, library staff!
O. Gave talk at Trejo Foster Foundation Institute, 13 July 2007. Topic: “Wellness: For Our Communities, For Ourselves.”

III. Upcoming Travel:

A. Media visit, Washington, DC, 18 July
B. 2-5 August: 6th National Conference of African American Librarians, Fort Worth

IV. Writing:
A. Submitted second ALA President column in American
Prepared Trejo Foster Foundation Institute Paper, “Wellness: For Our Communities, For Ourselves.” (to be published in Institute proceedings)
Preparing paper on traditional knowledge for IFLA
Preparing final evaluation report for the 2006 Joint Conference of Librarians of Color

Summary of Presidential Initiatives:

1. Workplace Wellness
2. Circle of Literacy
3. Supporting LIS Education Through Practice


1. National Library Camp
2. Meeting Effectiveness Training
3. Oral History project of retired/retiring librarians