Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Hello, Council,
Here's just a brief update on selected activities over the past several weeks. Happy Holidays!
Loriene Roy
President, ALA
President, ALA-APA
I. Communication: Interviews
A. 21 Dec: LA Times (Topic: "Free for All: Oddballs, Geeksand Gangstas in the Public Library," by Don Borchert; librarianship as a profession)
B. 21 Dec: Palm Beach Deseret Sun (Topic: increasing circulation in public libraries; new public library services)

II. Media Coverage
A. "ALA President Roy to Visit Alabama-Coushatta Tribe," NewsWatch Native America, available at

III. Presentations:
A. 13 Dec: Storytime: Indian Head Start, 3 year olds, Alabama-Coushatta Tribal Library (Texas)
B. 13 Dec: Storytime: Indian Head Start, 4 year olds, Alabama-Coushatta Tribal Library (Texas)
C. 17 Dec: "Innovative Public Library Services and Spaces," Chinese American Library Association conference, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province
D. 18 Dec: "Innovative Public Library Services and Spaces," Auditorium Hall, Sun Yat-Sen University, Guangzhou

IV. Writing/Publication

A. "President's Message: Circle of Literacy," American Libraries 38 (11) (December 2007): 6.
B. Presentation: "Innovative Public Library Services and Spaces."

V. Meetings and visits:
A. 10 Dec: Conference call with ALISE/ASIST/Committee on Accreditation.
B. 11 Dec: ad hoc Committee to Evaluate the Administration of Dean Andrew Dillon, School of Information, UT-Austin
C. 13 Dec: Meeting: Librarian, Alabama-Coushatta Tribal Library (Texas)
D. 13 Dec: Visit, Caldwell Public Library, Caldwell, Texas
E. 17 Dec: Tour: Dongguan Library
F. 18 Dec: Tour: Sun Yat-Sen University and campus
G. 18 Dec: Tour: SYU East Campus Library
H. 19 Dec: Lecture: LIS faculty and graduate students
I. 19 Dec: conversation, English corner, Sun Yat-Sen University

VII. For Fun
A. 9 Dec: Winter Concert, Classical Guitar Program, McCallum High School.
B. 10 Dec: Lunch with Arro Smith, iSchool Phd student
C. 10 Dec: Holiday party, Department of Computer Sciences, The University of Texas at Austin
D. 13 Dec: Holiday lunch, Maintenance Staff, Alabama-Coushatta Reservation (Texas)
E. 15 Dec: Banquet with Dongguan Library Staff
F. 16 Dec: Dinner with Dongguan Library Staff
G. 16 Dec: Spa visit with Dongguan Library staff
H. 17 Dec: visit to Keyuan Garden, Dongguan
I. 17 Dec: Lunch with Sun Yat-Sen Libraries Staff, Guangzhou, China
J. 18 Dec: Pearl River Night Tour
K. 18 Dec: Lunch with faculty members from DIS (LIS program), Sun Yat-Sen University
L. 18 Dec: Banquet with library staff, Sun Yat-Sen University
M. 19 Dec: tour of Chen Academy, Guangzhou, China
N. 19 Dec: Farewell banquet and karaoke, LIS students and faculty, Sun Yat-Sen University
O. 20 Dec: Breakfast with Sun Yat-Sen University Libraries Director, Dr. Cheng Huanwen

Fall 2008 classes: Monday morning (9-12): Information Resources and Services in the Humanities; Monday night (6-9): Public Libraries