Sunday, January 27, 2008

Hello, Council,

Here’s just a brief update on selected activities over the past week.
Loriene Roy


I. Communication: Interviews
A. 22 January 2008: U of Oregon student paper (topic: Oregon library closings; outsourcing of public library management)
B. 25 January 2008: WETA: Reading Rockets (topic: summer reading)

II. Presentations:
Co-Presenter: “DTV Transition: The Challenges and Opportunities,” National Educational Telecommunications Association (NETA)2008 Annual Conference, Columbus, Ohio. (23 January 2008)

III. Writing/Publication
A. Revised: book chapter for U of Arizona Press
B. Submitted three proposals for 2008 Sequoyah Research Center Symposium
C. Book chapter editing with Alex Hershey (“The Service Connection,” ALA Editions)

IV. Meetings and visits:
A. 22 January 2008: NETA Welcome Reception, WOSU Public Media, Columbus, Ohio.
B. 22 January 2008: Dinner with Association of Public Television Stations (APTS) staff.
C. 23 January 2008: “Are You Ready for the Digital Transition,” NETA 2008 Annual Conference, Columbus, Ohio.
D. 25 January 2008: Meeting with GRA on Gathering of Readers event.
E. 25 January 2008: Lunch with Doctoral Student; Oral History project

V. Upcoming Travel
A. 29-31 Jan: Washington, DC: FCC Panel on DVT transition
B. 31 Jan – 3 Feb: Olympia and Seattle, Washington: Washington Coalition for School Libraries and IT
VII. For Fun
26 January 2008: Jennifer Ziegler’s book signing party for “How Not to be Popular,” Book People, Austin, Texas
26 January 2008: Dinner with former student

Fall 2008 classes: Monday morning (9-12): Information Resources and Services in the Humanities; Monday night (6-9): Public Libraries