Sunday, March 23, 2008

Hello, Council,

Here’s just a brief update on selected activities over the past two weeks.
Loriene Roy


I. Presentations
A. 13 March: taping at NPR for Michel Martin’s “Tell Me More.” (topics: display effects in libraries; titles on Amelia Bloomer book list for Women’s History Month)
B. 13 March: Media Interview: New York Times (topic: technology in libraries)
C. 13 March: Media Interview: Erie Times News (topic: libraries and changes they have made over the past decade)
D. 17 March: Media Interview: Newsweek (security issues in public libraries)
E. 14 March: Freedom of Information Day, American Library Association’s Awards
F. 19 March: Media Interview: Free Enterprise (California) (topic: gaming in libraries)

II. Publications
A. Submitted May “President’s Message” for American Libraries.

III. Meetings and visits:
1. 10 March: Meeting about “Gathering of Readers”
2. 11-12 March: Meetings at WGBH-Boston
A. Meetings about library programming kits related to We Shall
Remain, American Experience series.
B. Meeting about “The Truth About Cancer” and work with Lance Armstrong Foundation
C. Taped interview about We Shall Remain, American Experience series.
D. Meeting with “Curious George” staff.
E. Tour of WGBH Studio; view of production/taping area for “The World.”
F. Tour of music library at WGBH and conversation with music librarians
G. Dinner with WGBH staff and We Shall Remain advisory board member and Newswatch Native America staff
H. Lunch with WGBH staff
3. 13 March: Breakfast with RIF staff
4. 13 March: Library of Congress, Deaf America Reads “One Book” reading Promotion Project
5. 13 March: Meeting with Senator Feingold at the Capitol
6. 13 March: Scheduled conference call with ALA Executive Director
7. 13 March: “Picturing America” reception at the Capitol
8. 14 March: 2008 National Freedom of Information Day
A. Panel Discussion: The New FOIA Law: Good News/Bad News
B. Panel Discussion: Infrastructure Safety & Public Information
C. Luncheon Program: Secrecy in an Open Society

3. 17 March: Conference call about PLA preconference on cultural community programming
4. 17 March: Meeting about “The Service Connection” monograph.
5. 17 March: Meeting with prospective faculty member
6. 17 March: scheduled ALA Executive Board conference call
7. 18 March: Jury duty, municipal court (Juror #14)
8. 19 March: Meeting about “The Service Connection” monograph
9. 19 March: Meeting with contributor to “The Service Connection”

IV. Upcoming Travel.
A. 24-29 March: PLA, Minneapolis
B. 30 March-1 April: National Center for Family Literacy
C. 1-2 April: Reading Rockets Webcast, Arlington, VA

V. For Fun
A. 11 March: “Choosing to Participate” exhibit at the Boston Public Library
B. 13 March: dinner with librarians/ALA members in DC
C. 15 March: SXSW Music Festival concert by Maori reggae band, Katchafire
D. 21 March: dinner with former student
E. 22-23 March: watching NCAA basketball games on TV

VI. Update on Bella Corda

Austin Bella Corda, a young person’s classical guitar ensemble, performed at my inaugural banquet in DC last June. They have just released their first CD, “Gypsy Teens.” Copies are available by emailing To see images about the recording project, see
See Owen Hunter, the tall boy in the Maori t-shirt and black leather jacket!

Fall 2008 classes: Monday morning (9-12): Introduction to Information Resources and Services; Monday night (6-9): Public Libraries