Sunday, June 15, 2008

Hello, Council,

Here’s just a brief update on selected activities over the past several week.
Loriene Roy


I. Presentations

A. “Greetings and Service,” Reception, Bozeman Public Library. (June 10, 2008)
B. “Congratulations Greetings,” Grand Opening & Dedication of the Library, Archives and Administration Center, Little Big Horn College, Crow Reservation, Montana. (June 11, 2008)
C. “A Year as ALA President,” Tribal College Librarians Professional Development Institute, Bozeman, MT. (June 13, 2008)

II Media Interviews
A. 13 June 2008: Orlando Sentinel (Topic: libraries using collection agencies)

III. Writing
“President’s Message: Circle of Wellness,” American Libraries June/July 2008 39 (6): 8.
Wrote last report to Council (Council Document/ALA Executive Board Document)

IV. Meetings, visit, calls:
A. 5 June: Visit to National American University, Austin Campus.
B. 9-13 June: Tribal College Librarians Professional Development Institute, Bozeman, MT presentations and events:
1. Introductions and Institutional Updates (9 June)
2. Lunch meeting with Hopa Mountain Storymakers director/staff (9 June)
3. Book giveaway, MSU Libraries (9 June)
4. Successful Grant Writing Tips from Successful Grant Writers (10 June)
5. American Indian Library Association (10 June)
6. Hopa Mountain Storymakers (10 June)
7. Burning Issues (10 June)
8. Bozeman Public Library reception for me (10 June). Thank you, BPL staff!
9. Day trip to grand opening of Little Big Horn College (LBHC), Crow Reservation (11 June)
10. Opening Prayer & dedication, LBHC (11 June)
11. Blessing of Facility, LBHC (11 June)
12. Feast and Clan Blessing, LBHC (11 June)
13. Honoring & Recognition of Individuals (11 June)
14. Tour of new library at LBHC (11 June)
15. Native Languages (12 June)
16. Immersion School, Fort Belknap College (12 June)
17. Integrating Library Services with the Social Web (12 June)
18. Intro to new MSU Libraries & TCLI websites ( 12 June)
19. Amazon Experiences and Movement into Antiquarian Book Market for Fundraising (12 June)
20. Tribal College & University Library Association Discussion (12 June)

IV. Upcoming Travel.

V. For Fun
A. 5 June: Dinner with former student and family.
B. 6 June: McCallum High School, Fine Arts Academy, Austin, Texas, graduation.
C. 7 June: McCallum High School Graduation. Owen Hunter, graduate, Music Degree, Classical Guitar Program, National Honor Society, graduate with honors. Congratulations, son.
D. 8 June: Grad Night lock-in, parent chaperone, karaoke room, 1 – 3 a.m.
E. 9 June: Dinner with tribal college librarians, Bozeman, Montana
F. 10 June: Dinner with tribal college librarians, Bozeman, Montana
G. 12 June: Catered lunch for my birthday, Bozeman, Montana. Thank you, Tribal College Librarians Professional Development Institute and MSU staff, Mary Ann Hansen and Jim Thull
H. 12 June: Pizza with tribal college librarians
I. 13 June: lunch with Mary Ann Hansen, MSU, and tribal college librarians