Sunday, May 04, 2008

Hello, Council,

Here’s just a brief update on selected activities over the past week.
Loriene Roy


I. Presentations
A. 30 April 2008: Greetings from ALA, Awards Reception, New Jersey Library Association (NJLA) Conference, Ocean Branch, NJ
B. 30 April 2008: Podcast, NJLA Podcasting Station, Ocean Branch, NJ
C. 30 April 2008: ALA Chapter Councilor Report, NJLA Business Meeting
D. 1 May 2008: “Keynote: Leadership in a Changing Profession,” NJLA Conference,
Ocean Branch, NJ
E. 1 May 2008: Co-Presenter (program) “Library Services to At-Risk Teens,” NJLA
Conference, Ocean Branch, NJ
F. 3 May 2008: Brief greeting to Advisory Board, School of Information, The University of Texas at Austin

II Media Interviews
28 April: AP (Topic: pros and cons of Audiobooks
29 April: Daily American Newspaper (Topic: State of America’s Library’s report)

III. Writing
Wrote last president’s message for American Libraries
B. Wrote feature for the American Indian Libraries Newsletter on events scheduled at the 2008 ALA Annual Conference
C. Wrote feature for the American Indian Libraries Newsletter on the national library initiative for “We Shall Remain,” an American Experience series that will air on PBS in April 2009.
D. Reviewed library programming kit for “We Shall Remain.”
E. Wrote letter celebrating the fifth anniversary of the ALA-APA.
F. Reviewed documents for “Capturing Our Stories,” national oral history project.
G. Wrote greetings for the 7th Knowledge River Cohort, University of Arizona, SIRLS
H. Prepared recommendation letter for applicant for YALSA’s Youth Literature Symposium
I. Wrote wellness journey for the Join the Circle of Wellness@Your Library, linked from

IV. Meetings and visits:
28 April: Meeting with local national oral history project group
30 April: Brief conversation with Bill Barnes (Unshelved)

B. 2 May: Dr. Janine Golden, “on Mentoring,” for “Stepping Up: Library Leaders for the 21st Century” management seminar
C. 2 May: Meeting with Arro Smith, Director, “Capturing Our Stories,” national oral history project for retiring/retired librarians

IV. Upcoming Travel.
A. 4-5 May: ARLIS/NA, Denver.
B. 5-6 May: International Reading Association
C. 12 May: 40th Anniversary, Smithsonian Libraries, Washington, DC
D. 13-15 May: National Library Legislative Day
E. 16 May: Commencement Speaker, University of Arizona, SIRLS

V. For Fun
A. 30 April 2008: Film, “Jim in Bold,” sponsored by YA/LGBTI, NJLA.
B. 30 April 2008: Emerging Leaders Reunion and Beach Bonfire, NJLA.
C. 3 May 2008: Austin Bella Corda CD Release Party, Flipnotics, Austin, Texas