Friday, July 04, 2008

Hello, Council,

Here’s my -last brief update, listing selected activities over the past week. Thank you for the honor of serving as your President.
Loriene Roy, 2007-2008 ALA President


I. Presentations
A. 25 June: “Greetings,” Spectrum Leadership Institute, Garden Grove, CA.
B. 26 June: “Professional Pathways to Celebrating Community, Collaboration, and Culture,” Diversity Leadership Institute 2008, “Fundamentals of Diversity,” Anaheim, California.
C. 26 June: “Librarian Offers Reading Tips for Gay Pride Month,” NPR: Tell Me More.
D. 26 June: “Greetings and Advice,” Incoming ALA Committee Chair Orientation.
E. 27 June: “Greetings,” International Relations Round Table Preconference.
F. 27 June: “Greetings,” Oral History Workshop (“Capturing Our Stories”)
G. 27 June: “Greetings,” Emerging Leaders.
H. 27 June: “Greetings,” Education Forum.
I. 27 June: “Greetings,” Literacy Committee.
J. 27 June: “Greetings,” International Relations Round Table Librarians Orientation
K. 27 June: “Greetings,” Many Voices, Many Nations
L. 27 June: “Greetings and Awarding of Presidential Citations for Innovation in Gaming,” Open Gaming Night.
M. 28 June: “Greetings,” NMRT Orientation.
N. 28 June: “Script Reading,” Exhibits Ribbon Cutting.
O. 28 June: “Greetings,” Council Orientation for New and Re-Elected Councilors.
P. 28 June: “Script Reading: Introduction,” Vernon Jordan, Jr., Auditorium Speaker
Q.28 June: “Greetings,” LAMA Mentoring Committee Kick-Off Event.
R. 28 June: “Summary of ALA Presidential Year,” Chapter Relations Committee.
S. 28 June: “Script Reading,” Opening General Session.
T. 29 June: “Greetings,” Pura Belpre Award Ceremony.
U. 29 June: Co-Presenter, ALA President’s Program (We Shall Remain segment)
V. 29 June: “Greetings,” Newbery-Caldecott Awards Banquet
W. 30 June: “Script Reading,” Jamie Lee Curtis and children in ALA Day Camp
X. 30 June: “Greetings,” American Indian Library Association Book Awards
Y. 30 June: “Greetings and Awarding Presidential Citations on Innovation in International Librarianship,” International Librarians Reception.
Z. 1 July: “Greetings,” Coretta Scott King Awards Breakfast.
A2. 1 July: “Script Reading,” ALA Awards Ceremony.
B2. 1 July: “Script Reading,” Inaugural Banquet.
C2. 1 July: “It Was A Good Year to Be ALA President,” James Rettig’s ALA Presidential Inaugural Banquet, Anaheim.

II Media Interviews
A. 25 June: Chicago Trib/LA Times (Topic: gaming and changes in libraries)
B. 25 June: Orange County Register (Topic: 2008 ALA Conference; State of America’s Libraries
C. 2 July: Independent Reporter (Topic: Summary of ALA Presidential experiences)

II. Writing

IV. Meetings, visit, calls:
A. 25 June: Dinner #1, Spectrum Leadership Institute, Garden Grove, CA.
B. 25 June: Dinner #2, Freedom to Read Foundation, Anaheim.
C. 26 June: Freedom to Read Foundation Board
D. 26 June: Planning Meeting for Traditional Knowledge Meeting
E. 26 June: ALA Executive Committee Meeting
F. 26 June: Leadership Meeting
G. 27 June: Breakfast, ALA Executive Board
H. 27 June: ALA Executive Board Meeting I (chaired)
I. 27 June: Lunch for ALA Division Presidents
J. 27 June: Emerging Leaders Poster Sessions.
K. 27 June: Reception for Library Champions/Major Funders/Past Presidents.
L. 27 June: ALA-APA 5th Anniversary Reception.
M. 27 June: Reception for AMBAC President, Ms. Hortensia Lobato-Reyes, AMBAC
N. 27 June: Reception for Dr. Camila Alire on her election to ALA President-Elect
O. 28 June: Prompt Book Review.
P. 28 June: Green Room with Vernon Jordan, Jr.
Q. 28 June: Lunch for ALA Division Presidents.
R. 28 June: Stop by: Committee on Education, ALA Exec Board Liaison Visit.
S. 28 June: Stop by AILA Program, “Digitizing Indian Country.”
T. 28 June: Rehearsal, Opening General Session.
U. 28 June: ALA Membership Meeting I (chaired)
V. 28 June: School of Information, The University of Texas at Austin Reception
W. 29 June: Division President’s Breakfast
X. 29 June: Exhibits: Membership Pavilion +
Y. 29 June: ALA/Council/Exec Board/Membership Info Session (chaired)
Z. 29 June: ALA-APA Info Session (chaired)
A2. 29 June: ALA Council I (chaired)
B2. 29 June: Affiliates Luncheon
C2. 29 June: Stop by: Exercise Pavilion
D2. 29 June: ALA President’s Program reception
E2. 29 June: APALA/Native Hawaiian Librarians reception
F2. 29 June: CALA dinner.
G2. 29 June: ASCLA/COSLA Reception.
H2. 30 June: Green Room to meet Dr. Brazelton
I2. 30 June: Dr. Brazelton’s program, Auditorium Speaker
J2. 30 June: Stop by: Advocacy Coordinating Group
K2. 30 June: Stop by: PR Assembly
L2. 30 June: Stop by: Recruitment Assembly
M2. 30 June: ALA-APA Council. (chaired)
N2. 30 June: ALA Membership II. (chaired)
O2. 30 June: ALA Executive Board II. (chaired)
P2. 30 June: Green room with Jamie Lee Curtis
Q2. 30 June: Stop by: LeRoy C. Merritt Humanitarian Fund reception
R2. 30 June: Stop by: Michael L. Printz Program and Reception
S2. 30 June: Jim Rettig Presidency Success Makers Reception
T2. 1 July: Green room: Coretta Scott King Awards Breakfast
U2. 1 July: Prompt Book Review.
V2. 1 July: Exhibits.
W2. 1 July: ALA Council II (chaired)
X2. 1 July: Virtual Library Day on the Hill
Y2. 2 July: Stop by: International Relations Committee Meeting II
Z2. 1 July: Rehearsal for Awards Ceremony
A3. 1 July: Post-Inaugural reception.
B3. 2 July: Prompt Book Review
C3. 2 July: ALA Council III. (chaired)
D3. 2 July: ALA Executive Board.
E3. 2 July: ALA-APA Board of Directors

V. For Fun
A. 26 June: Dinner with Dr. Alvin Schrader, Immediate Past President of
Canadian Library Association and friends
B. 27 June: WebJunction Reception
2 July: Dinner with selected ALA Exec Board members and friends

VI. Continuing Service for ALA as ALA Immediate Past President

ALA Council, Member.
ALA Executive Board, Member.
ALA Executive Committee, Member.
ALA Executive Board Liaison: ALA Committee on Education
ALA Executive Board Liaison: ALA Committee on Accreditation
ALA Executive Board Liaison: ALA Committee on Literacy
ALA Executive Board Liaison: ALISE
ALA Executive Board Liaison: AILA
ALA Executive Board, Board Effectiveness Committee, Chair.
Round Table Coordinating Assembly, ALA Exec Board rep.
Association of American Publishers-ALA Joint Committee, Chair.
I Love My Librarian Award Jury, Chair.